Stamp Bates In One Click

You have enough stress before the discovery deadline, you don't want bates to add to it. Imagine being able to convert emails, DOC, HTML files to PDF and stamp bates numbers to each page in just one click. Bates Express will minimize the routine of discovery and production. Request a call back now!

How to Stamp Bates to Word and Convert Them to PDF?

As you know, many documents come in DOC or DOCX format, however, as a lawyer you prefer to have them saved in PDF and, of course, bates stamped. Bates stamping is a long and very irritating process that takes lots of your time, money and nerves.

If you want to optimize and speed up your business processes, you are strongly recommended to get Bates Express. A unique tool is ideally suited to stamp bates to Word and convert files to PDF.

Stamping bates has never been easier than with Bates Express! All you need to do is:
  1. Download Bates Express from the official website. You can buy the program if you are already determined to own it or get the free trial version first and evaluate the quality and efficiency of the application.
  2. Install Bates Express. Built-in installation wizard will guide you through the installation process. If you need extra help, you might read through the How to Install Bates Express article available on the official website of Bates Express.
  3. Open Bates Express. You can do so by double-clicking on the program's desktop icon or by selecting it from the Start menu.
  4. Select the folder the Word files are saved in from the tree of folders automatically created by Bates Express and then select the files you want to stamp bates to.
  5. Choose the target format if you want to convert Word files into PDF or another format (TIFF, JPEG).
  6. Specify bates settings (location, font, size).
  7. Click 'Start' to begin automatic conversion.

Bates Express is available as a free download on the official website. It can be used for 30 days at no charge by anyone who wants to evaluate its quality and efficiency. Upon the expiration of the trial period, you can buy one of available version. Bates Express is available in S, M, and L pack. S pack is designed for 3 users, M pack is designed for 20 users, and L pack is designed for 50 users.