Stamp Bates In One Click

You have enough stress before the discovery deadline, you don't want bates to add to it. Imagine being able to convert emails, DOC, HTML files to PDF and stamp bates numbers to each page in just one click. Bates Express will minimize the routine of discovery and production. Request a call back now!

How to Stamp Bates to Text and Convert to PDF?

As a lawyer, you certainly know that stamping bates to documents is a mandatory and yet very long and annoying process. Also, you have surely been in a situation where your client refused to pay for the time you spend stamping bates.

There is an efficient and simple solution that will help you save lots of time, money and nerves. It is known as Bates Express. With the help of Bates Express, you will be able to stamp bates to text files and convert them to PDF individually or in batch. The process of bates stamping with Bates Express is 100% automatic, so you can use this program even if you have never before tried software for bates stamping.

Here is a short instruction on how to stamp bates:
  1. 1. Visit the official website of BatesExpress and download the program. You can either purchase the program at once or get the free trial version, which can be used to evaluate the quality of software.
  2. 2. Install the program following the instructions of the installation wizard or the step-by-step installation guide available online.
  3. 3. Open the program by either clicking on its desktop icon (if you have chosen to create one during the installation) or selecting it from the Start menu.
  4. 4. Select the files you want to add bates to from the automatically created tree of folders, arrange them if you want to
  5. 5. And click on the target file format (PDF or TIFF)
  6. 6. The wizard will allow you to manually select the location, size and color of the bates
  7. 7. Click Start! to begin the fully automatic process of bates stamping.

The program is very affordable and can be used by several lawyers at once. Simply get the Bates Express S, M, or L pack and share it with 3, 20 or 50 colleagues!

Download the free trial version now and make sure the program meets your needs and requirements! Contact our customer support service to learn more about this product.