Stamp Bates In One Click

You have enough stress before the discovery deadline, you don't want bates to add to it. Imagine being able to convert emails, DOC, HTML files to PDF and stamp bates numbers to each page in just one click. Bates Express will minimize the routine of discovery and production. Request a call back now!

How to Stamp Bates to HTML?

If you are a lawyer, you certainly know that bates stamping is a process that takes a lot of time and nerves when done by hand. Also, it might take a lot of money that you won't get from your clients. However, there is a simple and very efficient way to avoid all these problems. All you need to do is get Bates Express.

Bates Express is designed specifically for bate stamping the documents in various formats. It can be used to convert HTML files to PDF or TIFF formats and stamp bates to the resulting files.

The process of applying bates is very simple. Here's a short description of the steps you need to make:

  • +Download Bates Express from its official website. You can either buy the program or get its trial version that is free for the first 30 days.
  • +Install the program. It is very easy, all you need to do is follow the instructions of the installation wizard or carefully read through the article How to Install Bates Express online.
  • +Open the program by either double-clicking on its icon or selecting it from the Start menu. Program's icon can be created during the installation.
  • +Select the folder that the files are saved in from the tree of folders created automatically by Bates Express. Then, select the files for bates stamping.
  • +If you want to convert HTML files into another format and add bates, select target format (PDF, TIFF).
  • +Choose bates color, location and size.
  • +Begin automatic stamping and conversion!

You can process hundreds of files with the help of Bates Express, saving yourself hours and even days!

Download the free trial version of Bates Express now to evaluate the quality of the program! Contact our customer service now to learn more about this and other programs.