Stamp Bates In One Click

You have enough stress before the discovery deadline, you don't want bates to add to it. Imagine being able to convert emails, DOC, HTML files to PDF and stamp bates numbers to each page in just one click. Bates Express will minimize the routine of discovery and production. Request a call back now!

How To Register Bates Express

Right after you purchase Bates Express you will receive your registration key by a notification e-mail. Generally it is a line of different symbols plus your name and email. If you haven't received any e-mail within a day, please, contact us.

1. Download Bates Express and install it following the instructions.

2. Launch the program, go to 'Help' tab in the main menu and choose 'Enter Registration Code'.

3. Copy and paste the code, the name and email address from the e-mail notification. Press 'Register'. The registration name is the name you used during the purchase.

4. Then restart Bates Express (close and launch again). There is no need to reboot your computer.

If your trial period has already expired, you will not be able to run the program. Every time you launch the software it will ask you for a registration code. So, you should just copy the name and the code and paste them into the window. After that restart the program without rebooting the system.

To check if the program was successfully registered go to 'Help' tab in the tool bar and press 'About'. There must be your name in the left corner.

We would like to mention that once paid you get professional technical support and free minor upgrades as well as the latest information about the product within 1 year from the purchase date. Moreover, if you need a function that does not exist in our program we can implement it for you. The customizations are usually free to our customers. All you need is to contact us.

Bates Express

bates express
Stamp bates to emails and get PDF in one click!

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