Stamp Bates In One Click

You have enough stress before the discovery deadline, you don't want bates to add to it. Imagine being able to convert emails, DOC, HTML files to PDF and stamp bates numbers to each page in just one click. Bates Express will minimize the routine of discovery and production. Request a call back now!

Bates Stamp Numbering

Bates numbering stamp is a unique identifier of a document pages. In judicial documentation it usually identifies the number of case the document belongs too, date of creation and of course page number for each sheet. However stamp content may vary depending on specific company/organization requirements.

It is a well-known method of sorting out paper documents for easier search of required information in the whole scope of papers. Currently bates stamp numbering is also available for digital documents, so you can classify them for more comfortable use. You do not need to stamp each page manually, you can use an automatic bates numbers stamper, such as Bates Express. It will stamp all your documents quickly and correctly.

There is no unite standard for bates stamp, and Bates Express is also flexible in terms of settings. You can modify the following parameters: stamp tags and text, font type, size and color, stamp position, margins.
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By setting these parameters you can change the format of your stamp bates. If you have a few documents that belong to one case or contract, you can stamp them in one batch instead of stamping each file separately. The stamp itself can contain tags, such as [date] or [page], as well as some plain text, common for all pages. You can also set some access limit stamps classified, if these are classified documents.

Bates Express is not only an electronic documents stamper, it is also a converting utility. You can convert your documents to PDF, DOC, HTML, TXT or TIFF formats, adding proper bates stamps. As it is batch converting tool, you can process hundreds of document in one command. So the procedure of documentation stamping becomes a matter of a few minutes!